Plants Vs Aliens

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Plants Vs Aliens is the latest spin-off of the classic tower defense online game developed for smartphones of that day and has ever gotten larger and more impressive over the years, and now being able bring you the most interesting games like this one at the moment and it's clear of it in the minds of our players that just as you defeated zombies, you'll be able beat the aliens too!

It's a game in Plants Vs Aliens online, who will prevail?
Utilize the mouse for interaction with the battleground and place different plants in the ground, as they will be your defense troops against aliens who attack in waves.

You must be prepared even when they're in motion, and make sure not to let too many aliens pass across the barrier, as the entire world of plants is in danger.

When you defeat aliens you gain points which can be used to buy new varieties of plants as well, and the higher priced they cost more powerful, the more power they'll have against your opponents.

Naturally, every new wave is more powerful than the previous one, therefore, make sure you grow stronger. Best of luck and all the best we wish you allthe best, and always!



Arcade Platform