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3.08.2021 03.08.2021 it was a new update for the FNF 2 Player Mod version, in which we added new features that players wanted.

The most significant aspects we've created are the introduction of new characters as well as new songs are available to fight. The new edition of our game you can play with these character types: Boyfriend, Pico, Girlfriend, Tankman, Garcello, Daddy Dearest Skid as well as Pump, Mommy Mearest, Monster, Shaggy, Whitty, Agoti, Ruv.

The latest songs you could choose from include: Random, Ballistic, Blammed, Bopeebo, Fading, Fresh, Godeater, Headache, High, Milf, Nerves, Pico, Released, Roses, Satin Panties, Spookeez, Super Saiyan, Throns, YGH, Zavodila

You are able to choose from one of the following levels that are difficult:


Do not try this!
It's Friday night! Funkin' 2 player mod is available :)

Get FNF 2 players on Android.

We are delighted to announce that we've released one of the most sought-after mods for the famous Friday Night Funkin game in which you be able to play against your friends on the same computer, to see who is the better player in this particular game. For those who are new to the game, be aware that this mod can be played with a single player and in this chapter you'll get the chance to play the game for the first time in four weeks:

Week 1: The Daddy Dearest
Second Week: Spooky Month
The third week of the season: Pico
The 4th week of the year: Mommy Must Murder
If you play the Multiplayer version of FNF 2, you'll be able to select different characters, so that you can become who you'd like to be. You can choose the character you want to play as a rival and then you'll need to choose the degree of difficulty that you would like to take on and, in this chapter you'll be able to pick between five levels of difficulty. They are levels of difficulty: Medium, Easy Hard, Extreme, ,?!?!?! #!?. The songs you can choose from will be random however we are developing an update to the game so that you can choose the song you'd like.

The fun continues on another level with the FNF2 player game mode
Two-player games are much more enjoyable because you'll be challenged by your fellow players or schoolmates, even those you don't like in a dance competition with Boyfriend, Daddy Dearest Spooky, Month, Pico, Mommy Must Murder, Girlfriend, Tankman in which you'll be able to prove that you're better than the other players with this fun game. You can observe in the video, every fight you engage in during the dancing floor can be recorded and, at the end at the top left corner, you'll be able see who is scoring higher (player 1 or 2). In addition you must be aware that you will can change the character you chose initially to see what suits you best.

Play-Games.com team recommends playing the beginning level of difficulty and If you're able to handle it, you can move to the next one, and traverse through the various levels of difficulty to ensure that you improve at the game. It is evident that based on the difficulty you select the game will increase its speed, which causes the arrows appearing down from below go toward the center of the display and quicker.

Artwork by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r
Kawai Sprite's music Kawai Sprite



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