Death Note

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Death Note Typing game is an extremely popular game at on which you'll get to meet Light Yagami, the main character of the Death Note cartoon series. The storyline of the cartoon will show the college student Light who is really unhappy about the crime that he is exposed to daily in the media. Moreover, claims the idea that if he happens to one day possess a superpower, it will be his goal to take down everyone. The people who committed the crime.

Then, Light finds a notebook which is believed to have been created to kill anyone who is inside, which is the reason Yagami is determined to learn and learns from the very beginning it is all real.
Once he is convinced that this notebook is real He then begins to catch the news on television and read newspapers and then he starts writing down the entire names of criminals he spots, in order to rid himself of them.

After a brief period after which he realizes that the notebook starts to become effective and all the characters' names appearing in the notebook disappear shortly.
Interpol and the police Interpol start a general search after the teenager who uses the nickname Kira on every murder.
The game we developed at has been developed as an HTML5 game that can be enjoyed on smartphones. The initial version was flash, however, because flash games are no longer working well, we decided to design a game that was able to adapt to the current requirements of technology.
Death Note Simulator is now available for tablets and smartphones Try it :)

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