Crazy Super Bunnies

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Crazy Super Bunnies is one of the most intriguing new games available for 2-players on our site. We assure you that it is as enjoyable to play it solo as it is playing with others So you've got many reasons to check it out now and here, and enjoy yourself as we will always ensure to make it possible for everyone!

Get ready to roll and jump with super-cute Crazy Bunnies!
Use your bunnies to move over spikes, pits, as well as other obstacles, as well as numerous obstacles. Try your best to get to the finish line and perhaps even get carrots or other types of bonuses for a few more times. Each level, so you must be the fastest you can be.

You can do it by yourself, or you have another mode where you do it with a second bunny controlled by a real player, one yellow, one blue. Here are your controls:

Player 1: A, D to move, space to jump, F to grab and release.
Player 2: L, J to move, N to jump, H to grab and release.
You also have a mod where you battle each other, trying to deplete the other one's health bar completely to achieve victory, simple as that. Good luck and the best we want to wish each of you!