Chubby birds

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Chubby Birds is a popular video game. Are you aware of the times when an individual bird flapped its wings to escape the all too familiar pipes was the latest trend and everyone else. Games that are clicky like Chubby Bird have been a fixture of online gaming, frequently becoming big successes and becoming viral solely on their merits. Chubby Bird isn't any other than the fact that it's more enjoyable. With Chubby Bird, you'll pilot a large, athletic bird as it attempts to navigate through the maze of pipes. Pipes, yellow, green pipe, pipes, orange pipes. They're all here, and they're all getting in the way. Chubby Bird has decided to make through the maze in the longest time he can. It's up to you to control when they dip and glide. It is a game that requires intense concentration and extreme satisfaction. There will be failures at first and you'll make a few mistakes. Buteventually you will get better with practice, the experience and skill. You'll be able beat gravity and defeat the odds. You'll be able determine your clicks, and then fly with your Chubby Bird to victory. This is a fun side-scrolling adventure designed for all. Easy to play, challenging to master, difficult initially, but always enjoyable The game is Chubby Bird.