Bubble Tower 3D

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Bubble Tower 3D is one of the most innovative new versions we've ever played on Bubble shooting games on the internet Not only is the game's format unique and unique, but it's also available in 3D and you have a variety of reasons to check out the game at the moment is something we would like to see you play!

You can play Bubble Tower 3D online for no cost!
Make use of the mouse to turn the tower, putting colored bubbles, after that, click on the top of the tower to send the bubble to below and make groups that are at minimum three identical bubbles and once you've done this, they are eliminatedand you will earn points.

However, on the contrary, if you let them fall down the stack, you'll will lose. After a short time you'll get an explosive bubble that is able to shoot any kind of bubble that will go through the. It's that easy, after you've figured out the procedure and what you need to do to do it, you're ready to start having fun and shoot bubbles like ever before!