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B-Cubed is among the most exciting games to play on our site. It is which is made more enjoyable due to the fact it's also a 3D-based game it is a combination which you don't get to see every day so we're thrilled we have the chance to present this exciting new game of logic with you is being given to us!

You can play B-Cubed online at no cost!
You will utilize WASD/ARROWS to move the cube across the cubes in space and with each cube you move on falling down. The goal is to discover the way that will allow you to remove all cubes when you are aiming for the red one that is the teleporter that will take you to the next level.

Naturally, every new level you climb to is harder than the one you've been to before and, in addition you're likely to know this that you are aware of it, however, when you do fall into space, you're lost and must begin starting from scratch. That's it sure to be fun, and we hope that this isn't the end of all new game you play today!