Age of War

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The brand new Version of Age of War is now available on Friv This is the reason the reason we encourage you to play it. The thing you must be aware of is that this time you'll need to further develop the strategy that you've been using in order to win every single mission we assign you the brand new strategy game.

The mutant insects are all over the place This is the reason you must be wary of the huge spiders and cockroaches but the great thing about is that this time you're used to grottos being transformed into a living space that can create fighters that are used to fight on the battlefield. The goal is to stay alive and defeat the aliens in the quickest time possible. The best method of collecting money is to use gatheringers. Gatherers gather water, then transform the water into money.

What can you do to beat this battle?
Select the base you want to build by clicking it, then click the button for tier 1. When you start the game the water reserves of your base are at $90, and you are able to build nine Gatherers, which be used to attack the ground. Each Gatherer takes 3 seconds to create along with 30 points of health. Once you've built a structure it will be able to release units out of it in the course of time. Make sure that your gatherers are able to visit three water parks they could visit. The water sports further from you will earn you more money. If you're now earning an income, it might be wise to build something to protect yourself. Let's make a turret, by selecting the base using your mouse.

The offensive is crucial in this game since offensive units provide a barrier to aliens and ruin their base later on during the battle (assuming that you can survive). The next thing you need to accomplish is to construct your very own Infantry tent.

The Original Title: Army of Ages
Date of Approval: 04.11.2011
developer: ArmorGames
Difficulty Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane
Platforms This game was made in Flash mode. You can play it on PCs with the latest browser.
Similar game variations: Age of War 1, Age of War 2, Age of war 4, Age of war 5;
Unblocked or Hacked: Age of War Hacked