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11-11 is a fascinating online puzzle game which we would never thought of not playing on our site in the present We hope you don't miss the opportunity to try it out or you're going miss the chance to enjoy yourself while increasing your brain's ability!

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The game is a Tetris like game that uses blocks, however the blocks aren't handed to you by the top However, you receive three on the bottom of the screen every time. With these blocks, you're going to need to position them on brackets that are empty to form the full row of eleven blocks. When you have achieved that, you'll be able to take them out and score points.

Make sure to arrange and eliminate the most blocks you can and be mindful not to let blocks get to the edge of the screen, because in the event that they do then you'll be out of luck. Every game, try your best shot to score higher scores than the previous one, and we're certain that you'll be able to achieve it!